Thursday, 29 January 2015

Mega City Wan - Printing buildings for Epic

I've nicked this idea from a few places, but in case you didn't know here's the skinny;

Hawk Wargames - producers of the 10mm Sci-Fi skirmish game DropZone Commader have made the templates for their buildings available for free, allowing Joe Punter to download and print them off to his heart's content.

The recommendation for 6mm epic use is to scale them down to 50-60%

My hot tip is to mount them on my favourite of all materials - the "1' x 1' self adhesive vinyl floor tile" - available in packs of 6 for £1 in Poundland and £Stretcher.

N.b. these are great for everything from basing, making board tiles, cutting boards etc, they come in various stiffness's and thickness's for just about any job (some even look OK without painting them!)
Also, the carpet ones make great ploughed fields for Flames of War.

The vinyl is great for mounting the printed buildings on, as;
1) it's self adhesive on one side, so no gluing required.
2) scoring with a craft knife allows it to be 'snapped' along an edge cleanly for joints
3) its pretty study when built.

Here's what i did tonight, and what i learned at the end...

So, lessons learned;

1, notice the'lip' on the buildings, first one i didn't and as a result it has a flat roof.
2. score on the correct side where you want it to snap over (this hurt my brain working it out for some reason)
3. some of the buildings come with nice accessories, like balconies or air con units etc. these are fiddly to use with the thicker vinyl, but look good.
4. maybe worth scaling to 40% for some as they are quite big in comparison with the old Space Marine buildings.

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Angels of Death - Epic Blood Angels update

Some daylight pictures of my new 'practical' space marine force
As mentioned previously i'm trying to keep these guys simple, as gaming pieces rather than making them overly detailed, fragile display pieces.

I want to be able to churn out new units quickly and get them play tested, in saying that - a little bit of shading and highlighting doesn't take too long!


Here's my Death Company - under NetEpic rules a Blood Angels codex army must include a Death Company, it is made up of one command Death Company Chaplain stand, and each detachment of infantry must sacrifice one stand to add to the DC, as such I've painted up 4 stands of DC marines, and may need to add more later if i build up any more standard infantry units.

Also, i've given them their own snazzy Thunderbrick... eh i mean Thunderhawk.
I'm hatching some devious plans for putting some ferocious close combat troops behind enemy lines and causing some disruption (all good ideas until i start rolling 1s and 2s!)

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Busy, Busy, Busy - General Update

Done a fair bit of 'hobby work' recently, despite not doing a huge amount of painting.

1) Had my first actual game of NetEpic (evolution rules) and thoroughly enjoyed it, suffice to my pretty space elves were absolutely torn apart by mu opponents Deathwing and Ravenwing Dark Angels.
A combination of poor tactics and bad dice on my side, plus the obvious skill of my opponent meant i was done for in 2 turns!
I has left me buzzing however and i'm already assembling my force for the next game, hopefully next month, work permitting!

2) Acquired some new shelving to keep all my war gaming stuff together, separate from my board games and freeing up a whole chunk of the spare room for my girlfriends books/dvds - which should keep the peace!
i've used a few of the shelves to show off what i've painted so far and i'm giving my self a pat on the back for 8 months of dipping in and out for an hour every other night, i've amassed a fair whack of stuff!

3) Finally decided to "tart up" a lovely, but basic, retro Blood Angels army (green bases, little detailing) i've had for a while, after seeing the devastation my opponents marines were capable of i figured i needed a decent Space Marine force of my own that was more substance over style. so to start with i've got;

A full Battle Company
Land Raider Company
Death Company
Terminator Detachment
Whirlwind Detachment
Predator Detachment
Land Speeders

4) Continuing to grow my IG and Eldar forces, got some Nightwings, War Walkers and another squad of Tempests and Wave Serpents for the Biel-Tan, and some newer era Bombards for the IG.

Anyway, here's some photos to corroborate the ramblings above...

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Tanks! (Epic Imperial Guard Update)

I got hold of some armour for my desert themed IG army,

I've now got a full Artillery Company and Leman Russ Company, so adding this to the Shadow Sword and Assault troop coy and various support units it gives me a pretty sizable force for something i've just been picking away at when i see something i fancy!

was going to start a heavy infantry company using some proxies i have, but i've just heard that Onslaught/Troublemaker games are going to crowd fund a whole line of desert/'not-Tallarn ;)' IG proxies soon, so may just hold off until then, as the concept renders looks pretty good so far!

Anyhoo, not sure what year these models are from, or if they are even official GW sculpts, but i like them - was never a fan of the SM2/TL era basilisks, especially the ones with the barrel pointing straight forward.

Here's a sneak preview, obviously paint is still wet and details remain to be added tomorrow.

Monday, 12 January 2015

Kaine!!! (Epic Eldar Update)

I'm one trade closer to completing my Biel-Tan Warhost!

This morning i collected my Avatar (Epic 40k version, he's tiny!!!) and a squadron of Nightwings.
I was never a fan of the original Nightwing sculpt, the gun on top always looked weird to me, but i'll paint them up anyway for completeness!

Next up, and finally hopefully;

2 more tempests to make a company
war walkers
1 or more Fire Storms

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Epic New Year

Happy New year folks!

Not much painting being done in the last week or so due to holidays/man-flu, but been acquiring all the loose ends for my various forces and planning ahead for my first game of NetEpic next week.

knocked up a little bit of terrain/objective marker today when bored and rummaging through the bitz box and various scraps I've saved from the bin (in this case a blister pack bit of plastic and some landspeeder typhon bits)

Started some Eldar terrain and some other small things like supply depots etc too.

The Imperial Guard force is coming together nicely - I've got 90% of what i wanted, so just need to knuckle down and get them painted - so expect to see them as soon as they dry!