Sunday, 25 October 2015

Epic - Tyranids

The swarm has landed... And multiplied!

The bulk of this army came as a single eBay lot, and I couldn't be happier with it - love the colour scheme.
the rest I've stuck to the old White Dwarf/GW colours, a bit annoyed about the mish-mash of basing, but that's what you get when you cobble an army together.

This should be enough to get me going with playing them, just need a couple of models to complete the lot, and as usual i've ended up with a surplus which will eventually be used as trade fodder!

The Scythed Hierodule is a kit-bash of a 28mm/40k gaunt - and whilst it fits the bill, i think if i do another one i'll use the newer 'Tyranid Warriors' plastics as a base, as they are bit chunkier/armoured and look a bit more like the Forgeworld model it's based on,