Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Epic - More Greater Demons

Painted up the last of my unpainted Chaos metal and despite me saying it before... "I think this concludes my collecting of Epic Chaos minis for the time being, at least until i can get more games in and enjoy what i have so far..."

We shall see! (i'm still looking out for Moritarion and Fulgrim models...)

Anyway, Magnus is a good-get. He is getting hard to find at a reasonable price, and unlocks a lot of options for me to field a decent sized Tzeentch force.

I went with the 'red' style of paint job for him, which i think i prefer to the 'blue-space-monkey' look of the GW 'Eavy Metal one.

Along side him as another Keeper of Secrets for Slaanesh. Shame its the same sculpt as my other one, but i couldn't find the alternative one and it came in a job-lot.

It also gives me some more options for larger Slaanesh forces, so handy to have regardless!

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