Thursday, 22 October 2020

Bolt Action - October Update

 I would hesitate to call my Bolt Action project 'done'. but I'm certainly packing away the unused sprues, and forcing my self to take a break from drooling over the warlord mini's website for a while.

I'm at a nice point now, where I have a couple of decent sized armies, with plenty of options. Enough to hopefully play a good number of games before I get bored and want to add more to my collection.

That being said, what remains on the unpainted sprues would are a good number of potential units, mostly regular British and German infantry that would form great backbone units.

Aside from this, I've got a big box of trees to base and spruce up which should help adding some dense terrain to my tables, as well as some gravel roads to finish off.

I've got to say that these guys are pretty rough in terms of finish. I think the same can be said of most of my Bolt Action stuff. I've been really keen to get them 'tabletop ready' I've definitely cut a lot of corners. I have made a start though. I've dug out the British Paras, which were the unit that I started with back in June, and i'm now going back over them, tidying up, and trying out a more subdued scheme for their smocks.

So without further ado;

Tuesday, 29 September 2020

Bolt Action - September update

 Just a quick dump of progress on my Bolt Action project;

I've been relatively productive in the last few days (by my standards at least!)

The British Commando support units are done, barring the usual highlighting/faces.

I also added a neat little paratrooper jeep with twin MMGs for a bit of mobile fire support.

Digging in to the sprue and bits box I'm now putting together some general foot sloggers/regular troops to help make my lists a bit more dynamic.

Starting with a 10 man British infantry section, with just a couple of small conversions using the 8th army and paratrooper sprues for a bit of variety.

I think I'll do another section like this to form a decent backbone, and I've also got a couple of universal carriers on order to help get them into the fight and lay down some supporting fire.

to break up the monotony I also built up a little 3 man SAS deception team using a mix of bits and German weapons to sow confusion! 

For the Germans, I'm working on an Assault Pioneer unit, as well as a Volks Grenadier unit which seem like a good laugh. They are mostly armed with assault rifles and have the ability to advance from inexperienced to veterans during the battle, but could also just panic and go down under the first volley of fire! 

backing them up I've got a '222' scout car - the Warlord model is a bit weird looking, but I got it for a decent price, and I'm too tight to spend the extra £5 for a resin one :D

lastly I've got some photos from my last game prior to the 2nd lockdown here!

It was a fun scenario, with both sides trying to capture/retrieve a spy in the middle of the battlefield.

The Germans threw themselves forward and inflicted an effective alpha strike, however poor position of their supporting units and Anti-Tank left them open for the US M4E8 to work unopposed and cover the paratroopers whilst they retrieved their bounty.


Tuesday, 1 September 2020

Bolt Action - DAK

 It's been a relatively busy hobby period since my last post.

I cracked open the DAK starter box and made up the first few squads, played my first games and then added more to my force including the Flak 36 88mm and a squad of kitbashed assault pioneers.

I'll dump what photos i have below - with the usual caveat that i knocked out these troops 'quickly' to get them tabletop ready for some upcoming games, and i will go back at some point and finish the highlighting and details... probably!

As far as the game goes, it's pretty cool - a wee bitty random in places due to the reliance on dice/luck, but good fun and looks great on a table full of terrain!

Wednesday, 5 August 2020

Bolt Action - Commandos!

One of the things that hooked me on Bolt Action was the opportunity to build up some British Commandos, a branch very close to my heart as my Grandfather was in No.3 Commando during WW2.

It not only afforded me to build and paint some models, but whilst researching the uniforms etc i was able to look a bit deeper into my family side of it too, which i really wish now that i had done sooner.

All that aside, i'm pretty happy with the way my small Commando force has turned out (usual caveats of 'i'll finish off the faces/details one day!)

I did a fair bit of kit bashing, using parts from the Paras and 8th Army sprues to beef up the rather horrible old Commando kit, which is essentially just the normal Brit infantry sprue with additional knives, bergens and berets, and is now very out of scale with the current plastics from Warlord.

Weirdly the older kits have skinny arms and big heads vs newer kits with big arms, smaller heads?!
and on the subject of heads - why do they all look in their mid 50s and stunt doubles for Micky Rourke?!
all the reference material i have is of 19 year old fresh faced youths?!

I also took the time to make some cap comforters using Green stuff, which is a really iconic piece of kit that is unfortunately not included, and the after market heads with them on are out of print it seems.

As usual, my painting of them is fairly basic, and probably not entirely accurate historically, but i'm happy that they represent what they do, and fit the aesthetic of the post war Commando adventure comics.

Gaming wise i've now got;

2 x 7 man squads - NCO and 4 men with SMGs and a Bren team
1 x Light Mortar Team
1 x Sniper Team
1 x PIAT Team
1 x Officer 

which is about 500 points?

I'm sure this isn't optimal gameplay wise, but i wanted them to have SMGs for the most part, and i'll likely expand on these guys at some point with some additional men for the teams and to take hits for the officer.

Dixon Minis seem to do a cool line with the cap comforter so i'll maybe go for some of those!

Anyhoo, Photos!