Sunday, 16 February 2020

X-Wing - Saw's Renegades

Sticking with 6mm Sci-fi, but with a slight pivot to a galaxy far, far away...

We recently got back into The X-Wing Miniatures Games, after a brief period of collecting dust. Sticking with v1.0 of the game as none of us need more cardboard in our lives, and as i've mentioned before, my gaming group never massively got into 'the meta' and all of the wild exploits that came at the end of the v1.0 games' life.

We have kicked off a campaign, set loosely in the time of the Galactic Civil War and have wrapped some narrative around what is effective an escalation type system, where we all start restricted to rookie pilots (PS1) and unlock veterans and unique characters through winning battles. This is really refreshing as it gives us the chance to play with pilots/ships rarely fielded.

Please see my friend's blog to follow the campaign >

One essential purchase for me as the Rebel player was the Saw's Renegades expansion - which 'fixes' the classic T-65 X-Wing and newer U-Wing featured in Rogue One.

The only downer to my eyes was the paint job. The black/white pattern should have been striking, but for me it just lacked excitement, and looked out of place with the rest of my fleet. (I also attempted to fix the sticky S-Foils on the X-Wing, and failed miserably)

So I've given a very quick and dirty going over, and whilst it is by no means perfect, I can explain this away as some slap-dash Rebel workmanship, and i was happy to get painting again and get something knocked out in a couple of hours, rather than have it sitting tormenting me half painted for the next 10 years...

Also - full disclosure, i nicked the schemes from a google image search, and imitated them poorly, so apologies and thanks if you were the originator of my inspiration.

Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Epic - More Greater Demons

Painted up the last of my unpainted Chaos metal and despite me saying it before... "I think this concludes my collecting of Epic Chaos minis for the time being, at least until i can get more games in and enjoy what i have so far..."

We shall see! (i'm still looking out for Moritarion and Fulgrim models...)

Anyway, Magnus is a good-get. He is getting hard to find at a reasonable price, and unlocks a lot of options for me to field a decent sized Tzeentch force.

I went with the 'red' style of paint job for him, which i think i prefer to the 'blue-space-monkey' look of the GW 'Eavy Metal one.

Along side him as another Keeper of Secrets for Slaanesh. Shame its the same sculpt as my other one, but i couldn't find the alternative one and it came in a job-lot.

It also gives me some more options for larger Slaanesh forces, so handy to have regardless!

Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Epic - First Chaos (For 2020 at least!)

Just a very quick one to kick of 2020.

I picked up another few greater daemon/primarchs for Chaos, meaning i can field bigger armies.
Still waiting on my Magnus the Red arriving and i'm looking forward to painting it in all it's ugly glory!

In the meantime i knocked out Angron and another Nurgle Great Unclean one;

Friday, 27 December 2019

Epic - Final Chaos (for 2019 at least!)

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

I thought i'd close out the year of hobbying with a couple of late additions to my Chaos forces. As before these have been given a quick and dirty paint job to get them ready for the table in 2020 hopefully! (that's my excuse at least as i pretty much painted them in the dark, with my old glasses prescription, and i'm only now seeing all the issues as i take some close up pictures of them).

This now gives me a decent sized Khorne army with the addition of the rather wonky looking greater demon/titan - Lord of Battles and some flaky fire support from the Cannon of Korne, as well as some extra lesser demons for Tzeench and Nurgle.

2019 has been a pretty lacklustre year hobby wise, with very little being played or painted - outwith the last 6 months of piecing together this Chaos force and having a game with it.

As I've been making a very conscious effort to be 'more intentional' with my purchases, as well as downsize where possible i really do feel a lot more in control of the lead/plastic mountain. I'm hoping to carry this in into 2020 and further pare down what i horde, and get more use out of what remains.

I won't do a full blown 'Hobby goals 2020' post this time, instead i'll keep it short by repeating that mantra;

"Own less, play more."

Something i am quite interested in is trying to learn and play some of the other versions of Epic, such as Epic 40000 or Armageddon, as well as play test Imperious Dominatus as it develops. I realise this may be a bit of a pipe dream, but i do feel like i'm starting to hit some frustrations with NetEpic that i wasn't really aware of as a kid, so i think that these later rule sets may fix some of these issues?

Other than that, i want to get more use out of my FFG X-Wing and Imperial Assault collections.

Everything else in my view is living on borrowed time, so i may have to pack it away into storage lest it be eBay'd on a whim!

Friday, 25 October 2019

Epic - Chaos Titans

A very quick update.

I took the notion to raid the bits box(es) this week and make some Chaos titans to flesh out my options.

I had an old Reaver (poor recast i think), and after throwing on some bits from the Banelord kit, 40k daemon prince, a lizardman head (maybe?) i'm calling it done.

Concept > build > painted took one evening and a couple of lunch breaks, so i'm pretty happy with how it turned out. It shows as a bit of a rush job on all fronts but that's because it is!

I also dug out the Hellbrute model from the 6/7th edition 40k starter set - have had it for about 7 years now and never touched it. i stuck a different head on it and reckon it will do nicely for a Nurgle warlord/Bubonis proxy, and i suppose it fits in with my little collection of 40k Chaos stuff too.

Lastly, my latest eBay purchase - an Ordinatus Mars for the Ad-Mech. Wasn't really looking for one of these, but when it popped up for a reasonable price and painted to my standards i figured, why not!?

Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Epic - Chaos Daemons

I've been on a bit of an eBay spree of late, but it's yielded some decent results...

I've picked up daemons for my chaos forces, most of which were painted fairly decently, meaning all that needed done/still to do is do a bit of touching up and re-base to bring them in line.

I've ended up with 3 units of Flesh Hounds, which is probably more than i'll ever field, but i'm happy to have them.

It something that still surprises me - the sheer number and variety of units that exist for each faction in Space Marine/Net Epic.

I naively assumed that i'd be able to paint up my Chaos plastics, grab a few metal models and i'd have a full army, with all the options. Where as really, all I've done is scratch the surface for some of the powers.

That said, i'm practising restraint, and in a similar fashion to my other armies, i'm drawing a line here and calling it 'done (for now)'. The big push is over and now i can spend some time hopefully playing with them, and trying out different combos, before i get the itch to add anything else to the pool.

I think this is pretty healthy. whilst i'm sure i could seek to ensure i had 3 or more of every unit, and have a complete collection with no restrictions on what to put on the table, i actually strive to not do this. It is the way i enjoyed the game as a kid, where i got to play with what ever new units my brother brought home and painted up, and after playing battle after battle, deciding on my favourites and forming a real bond with them (which is how i got back in this mess 20+ years later!).

I think this extends to lots of hobbies, and life in general. If you are given too much choice it can be overwhelming, or there could be a temptation to optimise, or 'min/max' as the kids would say.
This would lead to some things being sidelined, and never played, instead being present simply for completeness of a collection.

Once again I battle with my own conflicting desires to become more minimal/intentional in all aspects of my life Vs. being a nostalgic adult, with disposable income, part of the 'cult of the new' and trying to be a completionist.

The struggle is real!

Anyway, apologies for the psychology lecture, on to the pictures! also as an aside, i'm actually getting a game in with them this weekend, after a period of what seems like forever being a hermit, so i'll try and get some photos/after action report on that.

Monday, 9 September 2019

Epic - Chaos heavy support

OK, so even by my standards I've rushed this project...

I've churned out the remaining unpainted units for my chaos horde, and found some bits to make a Decimator super heavy tank - which i believe is something along the lines of a Chaos Shadowsword.

This was built from what i presume was a GHQ or similar 6-10mm M1A1 Abrams tank, which i chopped the back off, and moved the turret to the rear to make it more 'Tank Destroyer-esque'.
I added a fantasy Chaos shield to get the 8 pointed star in as a prominent feature, then some spiky sprue down the sides to widen it out, and make it look more armoured.
I mounted some sprue sponsons to the sides, and a couple of Ork battlewagon turrets, as well as coaxial las cannon.

Along with this I've painted a couple of Tzeentch Firelords, 3 Khorne blood reapers, and a unit of Juggernaughts.

finishing off my Khorne ambitions are 3 more daemon engines i picked up from eBay, with a paint job that i found fitted well, and as good/better than i can muster at the moment, so they are just going to slip straight into the collection.

My fliers also got a nice magnetic 'flying high altitude' base to use, which totally coincidentally is exactly 25cm tall - which is the range to add on when targeting units flying high... useless to know, but still!

Anyway, i'm not massively happy with my painting efforts this time around. I really did rush things, and the sloppiness/lack of cleaning of flash/mold lines is really evident in these close up photos.
That said, for 'tabletop standard'/from 3 feet away they look totally fine, and i'm much happier to have something painted that i can always revisit and improve on in the future, than something still in bits in a box, never to be used!

Overall i'm very happy with the amount of stuff I've managed to pickup, paint and get ready in such a short window of motivation. This amounts to a small force for each of the 4 chaos powers, some generic units, and more stuff for my Iron Warriors legion, and this was the goal at the outset.

I now feel I've got a good grounding, and enough variety of units to have lots of fresh games in the future, with an army that i didn't touch in my youth, so really looking forward to trying them out in battle.