Wednesday, 25 May 2022

May Roundup - Epic, Space Hulk, Grimdark Future

Fairly busy May considering juggling holidays and work.

I started by picking up some Slaanesh Knights (finally!) for Epic, and along with a fresh pot of Emperors Children pink (terrible paint to work with!) I set about painting, using the White Dwarf article on them as a reference as I was struggling to work out what bits were what (very Slaanesh!).

while the palatte was wet, I figured some old school chaos dreadnaughts would compliment them, as well as some Blackstone Fortress Spindle Drones, which I'm going to proxy as Defilers.

As a wee cleanser I repainted my old Ultramarines Thunderhawk to join my Blood Angels and gives me a flight of 3 'modern' ones for future games.

Some Epic 40k Era plastic Chaos Marines in the form of Berserkers and Noise Marines also crossed my path and chucked some paint on them... (I'm not massively happy with the effort here, but they are fine for now)

I then moved back up to 28mm and finally re-painted my Grey Knight Terminator from my childhood. Much happier this time around. This then sparked a Space Hulk/Grimdark Future mind worm and i picked up some new plastic Termies and weapons and magnetised the lot for different load outs.

Next up, I've got more Slaanesh Knights to finish off, and then I'll probably take a short break, maybe circle back around and do some Bolt Action...

Monday, 2 May 2022

Squats! Eh... I mean April roundup.

 This month I have mostly been painting Squats. 

For those following this marks the 'end' of my pseudo quest to paint all the 2nd edition forces for Epic/Space Marine/NetEpic.

I neglected the Squats the longest as I don't have a major love for them - didn't own enough for an army the first time around and they never really grabbed me visually.

I think they are a great addition to the Rogue Trader universe of pirates, gangs, scum and villainy on distant worlds cut off from the imperium, but don't know if they scale well to mass battles. (And I guess GW maybe felt the same way?)

Anyhoo, that aside - I've played against them enough times to realise they are a force to be reckoned with and are very much worth having in the collection.

I kit-bashed quite a few of the vehicles that are either massively over priced, rare or that I really just don't like the look of, so this is possibly my cheapest army to date.

I still have some unpainted units that I plan on adding when the mood strikes, but for now i'm fairly burned out on stuntie miners.

It was almost exclusively epic/6mm painting this month, and this looks to continue a bit into May.

for some breaks from the squats I kitbashed some Sabre Tank Hunters for my Blood angels, made up some Eldar units that I felt were missing from my roster, as well as doing some re-paints of a Warlock titan and some Warhounds that were amongst the first things I painted almost 8 years ago when getting back into the hobby. I feel much better about them this time around and it's sparked a scary thought in my head to potentially re-paint a large portion of my Eldar and Imperial guard forces that I'm not too proud of.

On the table currently are some Slaanesh Knights - which I still want to get enough of to field as their own force, and some squat stragglers that may end up back in the pile of shame until a later time.

If I paint anything else this month it might be some Bolt Action fallschrimjager or Brits... we'll see!

Sunday, 27 March 2022

March (early) round-up - Mostly Epic!

 I'm a little early this month, but making hay whilst the sun shines i guess!

It's been a productive few weeks, where I've had a little spark of creativity and decided to revisit some 6mm projects I had bouncing around my brain and bits box...

I started with some Ork character stands and their gretchin body guards - a Painboy, Mekboy, Wierdboy, Runtherd and Warlord, which i had based up last year and finally decided to put paint to plastic. (At the end of the month i realised i was a few Nobz short too, so added them).

Some Goff Gutrippas followed - I just had them and fancied painting them, which is a recurring theme this month.

I (sort-of) made some squat progress, although not in the way i wanted. I still couldn't bring myself to paint the infantry, instead I knocked out a Collosus and it's recon Gyro-Copter, a Leviathan for the IG which was already thick with paint and I didn't bother stripping it, and them some kit bashed Goliath Mega Cannon.

The Cannon were inspired by a few things.

  • Dog turd bag roll tubes - looked a decent size (probably a bit big in fairness!) and I had lots to hand.
  • The price of the originals - some crazy scalps selling them for £15+ a model!
  • The fact i don't like the originals, and felt they needed to be somewhat self-propelled to be 'realistic'
  • an excuse to kitbash, and it ties in nicely with my squat lore, that my guys are closely tied to the ad-mech, sharing tech and resources, so the older STLs and vehicles have been passed on and modified
I messed around with a few configurations settling on a more compact design, mostly to make them easier to store and more robust, and I'm really happy with them.

The Poundland/Dollar-store tunneller got some paint too as a test. I have another 2 so will maybe run them as Moles to take my squat warriors into combat.

The green imperial Knight Palladin Household were finished - after sitting base coated in my bits box for a year or so. They are rough, but passable.

The last 2 demon prince proxies from Vanguard got a lick of paint. These projects are great for a rainy mid-week lunch break effort as they (and everything this month) come together very quickly.

Lastly - more Orks! Madboyz, 3 units of them to fill up any 2nd edition army free support slots. Had to be done!

On to April now - Squats! Bikers, Infantry, Light artillery and then we are done.
Bolt action - finish the Volksstrum.

Maybe some more kitbashing... We'll see.