Saturday, 29 November 2014

Epic - Pre-Heresy World Eaters Update 3

Had another hour to spare mid week and started the remainder of the Rhinos/Land Raiders (just need to do the tracks and details to finish)

Also rescued a couple of guys i had steeping in Detol (make-shift paint stripper) and i'm adding them to my traitors...

A Storm Hammer and a Warlord Titan, which is getting a 'Storm Lords' paint job.

Thinking once i add some dreadnoughts, or Robots this suitably "Space Marine 1/AT" era force will be complete.

Work continues!

Monday, 24 November 2014

Epic - Pre-Heresy World Eaters Update 2

We are Legion!

Tactical Company completed (just need to tidy up the bases and rhinos!) with support from Terminators and Thudd guns.
Not bad for a couple of mornings painting.

More land raiders and a super heavy by the end of the week hopefully.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Epic - World Eaters speed painting tutorial

Just a quick update/sharing of tips;

I'm sure most of you probably already use these techniques, but when it comes to painting a companies worth of foot slogger troops you could go mad painting them individually!

The disclaimer here is that i'm far from the best painter around, and my lack of attention to detail often lets me down, perhaps i'll spend more time on the character units, but this guide allows me to paint ~100 troops in the time it takes to drink a cup of tea.

First things first, clip the sprues to leave the models attached at the base only and clean up any crap left on the top joint.

I then prime the lot black (I prefer Army Painter spray but in this case Citadel Imperial Primer works well if you can't spray)

Once the primer is dried i give the whole lot a semi-dry brushing of their base coat colour - Ulthran Grey in for these guys. this leaves the recessed areas black and negates the need to use ink/shade later on i reckon.

This coat dries almost instantly (if you are doing a companies worth)

I then go back to the first strip and apply the shoulder colour, in this case - Ultramarine Blue (or what ever its called now)
Thinned down with a drop of watter it flows into the MK7 pads without any effort and leaves the edges clean, for the MK6's i just put the edge of the brush flat against the pad and wiggle it slightly to cover the curved surface.

While the shoulders are drying i paint the bolters - Leadbelcher silver, these can be fiddly, but i'm not overly fussed about being too neat and often cover the hands holding the weapon too!

Now that the shoulder pads have dried i add a spot of detail to represent the legion logo (red jaws surrounding a green/blue planet)
for these guys i simply add a spot of Valejo model colour red. I know there are people out there who can probably do the fully detailed logo, but i'm not one of them!

For the terminators (as they have a bit more space) i've attempted the logo with a line of red at the top and bottom of a green spot, which looks OK.

After this comes basing... and my downfall;

I'm yet to find a quick way of doing nice basing, i had some round, pre-holed bases from SCP that i used for the first batch, which was really easy. a bit of PVA and a dip in some sand  and a spot of static grass pretty much completes them. Now i'm back to using 2p Pieces for the rest and as the model sits on the surface rather than flush with it it can look a bit crap.

Hopefully i'll figure out a way to do it and let you know.


Saturday, 22 November 2014

Epic - Pre-Heresy World Eaters

A wee while since my last update - been having a clear out and just keep finding boxes full of unpainted epic! its all a bit much.

Trying to sell of the bulk of my 28mm stuff, i plan on leaving just enough behind for some simple, out of the box Red vs Blue style games of Necromunda/2nd Ed 40k in case it ever takes my fancy, and i find someone to play with!

Facing a massive box full of Space Marine kit (mk6/7 marines, rhinos, land raiders and the rest) i decided i'd do something a little different to what i was planning (a Dark Angels army) and go instead to MM31 for some pre-heresy action.

I liked the world eaters colour scheme, and thought it would contrast nicely with my other forces.
So the plan, as usual is to paint up a couple of companies - probably a tac/vet coy and a land raider coy.
Then look at some support options, keeping it old school, and looking at what i have i'm thinking Thudd guns and maybe mk1 Predators.

Beyond this i'm not sure how far i'll go, the scheme is pretty easy to paint and aside from my various attempts at getting the 'red jaws around the planet' logo right (you can see some bad examples on my first batch of Rhinos/LRs) i reckon i'll enjoy putting this lot together.

My plan with them is as usual to get some simple games going, some Loyalist vs Traitor games would be cool, as I've got a few titans that could be used by either side and some Imperial guard that could also fit on either side of the fence.

Anyhoo, here's the first couple of test detachments (Tactical Marines and Terminators)