Saturday, 22 November 2014

Epic - Pre-Heresy World Eaters

A wee while since my last update - been having a clear out and just keep finding boxes full of unpainted epic! its all a bit much.

Trying to sell of the bulk of my 28mm stuff, i plan on leaving just enough behind for some simple, out of the box Red vs Blue style games of Necromunda/2nd Ed 40k in case it ever takes my fancy, and i find someone to play with!

Facing a massive box full of Space Marine kit (mk6/7 marines, rhinos, land raiders and the rest) i decided i'd do something a little different to what i was planning (a Dark Angels army) and go instead to MM31 for some pre-heresy action.

I liked the world eaters colour scheme, and thought it would contrast nicely with my other forces.
So the plan, as usual is to paint up a couple of companies - probably a tac/vet coy and a land raider coy.
Then look at some support options, keeping it old school, and looking at what i have i'm thinking Thudd guns and maybe mk1 Predators.

Beyond this i'm not sure how far i'll go, the scheme is pretty easy to paint and aside from my various attempts at getting the 'red jaws around the planet' logo right (you can see some bad examples on my first batch of Rhinos/LRs) i reckon i'll enjoy putting this lot together.

My plan with them is as usual to get some simple games going, some Loyalist vs Traitor games would be cool, as I've got a few titans that could be used by either side and some Imperial guard that could also fit on either side of the fence.

Anyhoo, here's the first couple of test detachments (Tactical Marines and Terminators)

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