Saturday, 23 December 2017

Stompy McFire-Crotch (Final Name Pending) - Epic

Another day another Eldar titan...

Still not 100% convinced the colour scheme i went with was the best choice, but i'm OK with the end result, just think the blue is better.

Anyhoo, I'll fire up some photos below at the various stages.

Next up, Chaos infantry!

Friday, 22 December 2017

24 Hour Challenge - Epic

Well, i didn't mean to, but i guess i had missed the 'rush' of painting, and once i finished the first test Falcon, i didn't want to stop.

I'm sure i could have spent longer on these and add more details (Runes, gem stones etc)

As I've mentioned before, i work best when i'm inspired and see instant progress, so getting bogged down in the details often turns me off, which often leaves my minis in a permanent 'almost finished' state.

But i'm happy here. A small Eldar force completed in less than 24hrs. Adding in the pre-painted jetbikes, Vypers, Scouts and Striking Skoprions I've got a decent 2500 points in a jiffy!

I didn't have the balls to paint the Phantom titan that i posed up yesterday - i think i'll do him in a different scheme again - possibly some kind of dark red > yellow white/firey fade similar to the titan below's Heat Lance... But not sure!

Thursday, 21 December 2017

A new Craftworld sighted - Epic

Having recently acquired more Epic minis than i'll ever likely paint/play with in a single life time i've decided to do the sensible thing and... Start duplicating my painted armies! :)

To a certain extent at least.

I'll be painting some new stuff (should finally be able to 'complete' my Ork force, as well as start some proper Chaos now that i have the infantry sprues.) However to rekindle my painting fires, and for an excuse to use the airbrush i'm going to start with a new Eldar force.

I'll use these to bolster my existing Biel-Tan dudes, or for use in smaller/allied games.

I've set aside;

A Company of Falcons
A Jetbike Company
2 Phantom Titans
2 Revenant Scout Titans 
1 Avatar
And if i can be arsed, some other skimmers and some infantry.

Paint Scheme on the test Falcon below, i'm pretty happy with it, and it will blend nicely with some painted stuff i've picked up, as well as provide a nice contrast to the other armies in my collection.

Couldn't resist having one of the Phantoms doing a bit of posing.

Also on the cards - Paint up a couple more Traitor and Loyalist Warlord Titans in the schemes below to allow me to play some nice big titan games! (New Adeptus Titanicus next year hopefully!)

And in other news - finally got hold of Star Wars: Rebellion board game for a decent price. played it a few times now and its great. Blow those Wookies to hell!

Have a great Christmas, and a Happy New Year! (Resolution as always is going to be to paint more, and post more... We'll see.)