Friday, 22 December 2017

24 Hour Challenge - Epic

Well, i didn't mean to, but i guess i had missed the 'rush' of painting, and once i finished the first test Falcon, i didn't want to stop.

I'm sure i could have spent longer on these and add more details (Runes, gem stones etc)

As I've mentioned before, i work best when i'm inspired and see instant progress, so getting bogged down in the details often turns me off, which often leaves my minis in a permanent 'almost finished' state.

But i'm happy here. A small Eldar force completed in less than 24hrs. Adding in the pre-painted jetbikes, Vypers, Scouts and Striking Skoprions I've got a decent 2500 points in a jiffy!

I didn't have the balls to paint the Phantom titan that i posed up yesterday - i think i'll do him in a different scheme again - possibly some kind of dark red > yellow white/firey fade similar to the titan below's Heat Lance... But not sure!

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