Sunday, 1 January 2017

Support! - Heralds of Ruin

Happy new year!

Anyway... Having vowed i wouldn't buy anything new, and instead concentrate on painting what i had in my collection (with the aim to sell on the excess) I once again find myself sniping stuff on eBay like the bad old days...

But i need it! Or rather my squishy guardsmen need it.

I figured they wouldn't last long out there without some beefy support, so decided to hunt down a Sentinel, Ogryn and weapons team for them.

The sentinel i found was pre-painted in a scheme that fits my own, so figured it would fit right in after a bit of basing, giving me the chance to freshly paint the other two.

They were both done from start to finish today (don't you love holidays!) and i'm really happy with them, the Ogryn was great fun to paint, love these older sculpts - might need to get a few more! (there is a dedicated Heralds of Ruin Ogryn list after all!)

Next up I've got a painted Chimera and Commissar on the way, and a hectic week of gaming - so if i remember i'll post up some photos/battle reports.

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