Friday, 9 February 2018

Epic - The Rusty Slasher

Just a quick one.
I've not been painting much this week - more of a sorting/eBaying time, which was well needed!

Shifted a load of stuff and i can now see what i have, and what i need.
I have some Gargants (Great and Slashers) which i'll make a start on, i needed a Mekboy Gargant - and picked up one for a decent price, and painted to a decent standard.

I also picked up some newer style Eldar flyers - Nightwings and Phoenix bombers - so will do them in the blue/white scheme iIve been painting my Eldar in lately.

Anyhoo, here's a Slasher Gargant that i painted up this morning while waiting in on a delivery. And then a pic of the Mekboy, which was already painted OK, so i just gave it a wash and some highlights and stuck it on a base.

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