Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Bolt Action - Small Squads

 So March is looking like it's going to be the month of small squads, painted in a single session. (At least that is the plan!)

In a moment of madness I nearly bought a Bolt Action USMC starter army... Luckily the shop I had it in my basket with ran out of stock and I was too tight to pay full price elsewhere!

to satiate my need though, it dipped a toe in with a single sprue...

I have to say that USMC will be my next full Bolt Action army, of that there is little doubt. I loved painting them and have already put lists together for them, plus it would be a great excuse to use my jungle terrain set!

Other than those guys, I've kit-bashed some more British Commandos, this time using the 8th Army sprue as the base, and adding bits from the USMC, DAK, and Commando sprues (plus my usual green stuff caps) to bolster my existing sections, or function as a skirmish force.

I also finished repainting my Paras - and I'm much happier with them now.

Next up - I think I'll build some Brandenburgers using a DAK sprue to give my desert Germans some elite troops. After that all that remains on my Bolt Action sprues are a dozen or so Early War Germans, which I have some plans for!

I also picked up those 40k Ad-Mech Sicarian Rust Stalkers recently, and think i might use them as a little palate cleanser.

In other news - our little podcast has been doing well, and recently Chris and I had a chat about Bolt Action on it. Gordon has also been very busy and snagged some very exclusive interviews with some veterans of the industry including Andy Chambers! well worth a listen;



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