Tuesday, 31 August 2021

The rest of August I guess!

Continued chilled yet satisfying hobbying in the latter half of this month...

I based and converted some Epic Orks after the inspiration of our latest podcast on the faction, and the chance to face off against them in a game of NetEpic (coming soon to YouTube).

I also knocked out a few 28mm squads - some slightly fictional (as the real thing doesn't sit easy with me) 1943 German Kommandos using some DAK, Pioneer, and British bits.

Then closing out with a return to the grimdark future, with some Ad-Mech Sicarians. I've loaded these out with a mix of weapons rendering them 'illegal' in a game of 40k, but I went for the rule of cool here and really liked the look of the models this way!

Heading into September I hope to get some more games of Epic and Bolt Action in, as well as maybe paint some Orks and perhaps some more Ad-Mech to whittle down the pile of shame a little more!


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