Monday, 21 July 2014

Imperial Guard Update 2

Slow progress... However I've calculated what i've got Imperial Guard wise and made a start on painting them.

So far I've completed the Assault Company (aside from the HQ) - I don't remember if these guys were any good in the game, but I've got a got a tonne of them, so made lemons - so to speak.

The Shadowsword company is untouched since last update, just need to add some comms aerials to the HQ I reckon.

Everything else is in a state of mid-to-no paint but should be pretty quick to finish due to my lazy/boring Olive Drab colour scheme.

Might see if i can pick up another 3 basilisks (preferably the angled ones, as the flat trajectory ones annoy me!) and then I can complete an Artillery Company, as i'm pretty sure in its current state the force is 'illegal' due to the Company to Support card ratio?

Monday, 14 July 2014

Imperial Guard Update 1

Quick update to show what I'm working on... Not much to be honest!

Cleaned my painting station/spare room up as we had folk over so I took the opportunity to categorise and store some stuff in either 'To-do', or 'To-sell' and separated the completed units out so they are easier to get to, anyhoo, you don't really care about this, so on to the pics!

Got my Shadow Swords in from eBay - they were in better condition than they looked in the add, so rather than stripping them and starting again I used the simple paint scheme as a base and just washed them with Nuln Oil, added some decals from a W40K Imperial Guard Chimera transfer sheet, added some lighter green edge highlights and carried on the red/white company markings that were on one of the tanks.

I'll add some aerials to the lead tank to show it as a command unit but after that I think I'll leave them alone, meaning this simple pattern will probably find its way to the rest of the IG armour I have waiting in line.

Also working on some terrain - basing some of the Epic 40,000 buildings and bashing together an Ork settlement, more on that later!



Monday, 7 July 2014

Epic Imperial Fists Update 2

Been away for the last week so not much progress - however I thought I'd share what I have, as well as show the rather daunting eBay haul I had waiting for me at the post office, thinking I've bitten off more than I can chew!

So, in the coming weeks I hope to;

  • Finish of the 'Fists
  • Start the Titans + Knights (got some conversions to do too!)
  • See what I need to complete the Orks (add some Stompas and bring the infantry up to SM2/NetEpic company sizes)
  • Start the Imperial Guard - pick a colour scheme that contrasts with the other forces
  • Decide where to allocate the new Space Marine toys and paint them (probably Preds to the Ultramarines and Vindicators to the IF)
  • Build some more terrain (got loads of bitz for a nice Ork settlement)
  • Sell the stuff I'm never going to use to clear some space! (might ditch the Eldar, don't know if I can be bothered with them, and now I have far too much Ork stuff.)
  • Play more games!

(apologies for the photo quality on the last 3 - taken in bad light with the phone camera!)

More Titans for my growing legion - they all need stripped and redone.

Space Marine haul - looks like most of the Epic 40k starter set, plus a load of metal Predators, Razorbacks and Vindicators!

A decent starter for an Imperial guard force - got some Stormblades on the way too, just need some artillery and then i think i'll leave it there.