Monday, 21 July 2014

Imperial Guard Update 2

Slow progress... However I've calculated what i've got Imperial Guard wise and made a start on painting them.

So far I've completed the Assault Company (aside from the HQ) - I don't remember if these guys were any good in the game, but I've got a got a tonne of them, so made lemons - so to speak.

The Shadowsword company is untouched since last update, just need to add some comms aerials to the HQ I reckon.

Everything else is in a state of mid-to-no paint but should be pretty quick to finish due to my lazy/boring Olive Drab colour scheme.

Might see if i can pick up another 3 basilisks (preferably the angled ones, as the flat trajectory ones annoy me!) and then I can complete an Artillery Company, as i'm pretty sure in its current state the force is 'illegal' due to the Company to Support card ratio?

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