Saturday, 28 February 2015

Night Painting (Epic Imperial Guard Update)

Putting the brush down for tonight, had a pretty solid days painting;

finished off the Rough rider and Bike detachments, started the Reaver and StormBlade and got the Hellhounds and Hydras to a tableable standard (might pick up some more highlights, company markings etc... in the morning)

Anyhoo, more pics of the full army tomorrow hopefully.

Night all!

I'm back! (Epic Terrain and Imperial Guard Update)

Been away for the last few weeks with work and there has been a pile of stuff accumulating at the post office in my absence.

first off - some old school epic trees! (or as close to them as you can get now.
I love these little guys, really gives my new hills a boost! (hopefully going to get some more as well as some small firs to mix in and make some better scaled forests.

Then i got some reinforcements for my Imperial Guard - i should get them painted this week and ready for battle next Tuesday - lots of new stats/tactics to learn!

To bolster my forces I've acquired;

A Stormblade Super Heavy Tank
Some Hell hounds
Hydras (to deal with those pesky fliers)
and a Reaver titan!

Photos up as soon as they are ready.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Objective sighted! - Epic Terrain and Objective markers

Haven't done much painting this week - been rather busy, and work will have me away from home for most of February and March, so i'm just picking away at some things when I can, and been looking to make some more practical terrain and some nice objective markers for my up coming games of NetEpic.

Making some hills/forest bases.

polystyrene pizza bases, cut and PVA glued together, left overnight with some weight on them, sanded down the edges (a bit, i'm not going for ultra realistic here, more playable - so some flat surfaces are good) covered in ready mixed filler and left to cure.

Added some ruins for details (might stick some smaller rocks on and magnets to base trees)
Then painted with a mix of cheap Burnt Umber acrylic paint, PVA, sand and water. this will undercoat the whole piece, add a bit of texture from the sand and the PVA should help to seal and protect it from damage.

Having a rummage around in my bitz box and this started coming together...

An old MK1 Bombard hull, 6mm ammo box, epic flag pole and some fishing bits, some sprue nubbins, and some 40k space marine frag/krak missles.

should end up looking like a little fuel/ammo dump, just to add a bit of purpose to an otherwise dull objective token.

Will update with the finshed results of both of these when done.

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Sunday Sundries (Epic Blood Angels, Terrain and toys)

Just finishing off some small bits (and starting others) as well as some brainstorming/musing about some terrain and imperial drop ships.

Also, i think there will be a Veteran Assault company in my Blood Angels future, and i reckon these guys will make great proxies >

Anyhoo, here are today's snaps;

Currently working on - Blood Angels vindactors, base coated, should be finished in time for my game on Tuesday.

Another Blood Angels Thunderbrick, 4 so far, just giving myself options :)

IG Griffon detachment, got a couple of these with the Bombards from eBay, i like the models, and the stats seem good (big blast template!) so might give them a bash when i get round to finishing off the core of my IG army.

Digging through the old toy-box (AKA rescuing stuff from my damp shed)
i found a load of Kenner MegaForce stuff. each set was a mix of 6mm die-cast tanks/jets/helicopters and a massive transporter for them, I've got a few and i think they would make great pretorian proxies, or could be hacked up for nice terrain pieces.

This big VTOL transporter screams imperial dropship to me! thoughts?

Rummaging in my big terrain bits box i found what had started as some Necromunda/28mm stuff, which i have changed a bit to make it fit 6mm. (might change the 'front door' and add some more details before painting)

Kind of inspired by the big new hospital in Glasgow, with its bad-ass heli-pad.

Finished off the Arty Company for my IG (minus the HQ), glad i went with the newer models, much cooler looking than the old SM2 ones, although now i'll need to think of something to do with all the old ones i have!


Popped in and out to the paint table throughout the day and got all the minis in my queue finished.
apologies for the bad lighting!

Got some good toys to flush out any dug in enemies now... And a 4th thunder hawk for my airborne Blood Angels!