Saturday, 28 February 2015

I'm back! (Epic Terrain and Imperial Guard Update)

Been away for the last few weeks with work and there has been a pile of stuff accumulating at the post office in my absence.

first off - some old school epic trees! (or as close to them as you can get now.
I love these little guys, really gives my new hills a boost! (hopefully going to get some more as well as some small firs to mix in and make some better scaled forests.

Then i got some reinforcements for my Imperial Guard - i should get them painted this week and ready for battle next Tuesday - lots of new stats/tactics to learn!

To bolster my forces I've acquired;

A Stormblade Super Heavy Tank
Some Hell hounds
Hydras (to deal with those pesky fliers)
and a Reaver titan!

Photos up as soon as they are ready.

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