Sunday, 23 August 2015

From out of nowhere... A Dark Angels Assault Company appears

Had a flurry of activity this weekend and both started and finished (almost - still need to decide what to do for the HQ) a whole Dark Angels Assault Company, using Troublemaker Games 'Novan Elite Forefront' Minis as proxies.

I decided to proxy the models for a few reasons - 1) availability 2) cost and 3) he verity of poses to break up the monotony.

Pretty happy overall, especially considering the time spent on them.

Rhinos are pretty redundant as I plan on chucking these guys out of Thunderhawks or riding in Razorbacks for the most part, but still, hand to have them in case the military budget doesn't stretch that far!

Next challenge will be to see if I can do the Devastator company with the same ease - although I might start on the support detachments (predators, whirlwinds etc) in the mean time while i wait for my Troublemaker indiegogo pledge to arrive to give me the troops i need.

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Post Holiday inspiration - Epic Land Raiders

I seem to always start posts with apologies of lack of posts, but hey ho!

Apologies for the absence - I've not got a massive amount of new stuff to show for it either, although I have been playing a lot, so guess that's something!

Here's some old school "rogue trader" era pattern Blood Angels land raiders - i'm toying with the idea of having each detachment of the company in a slightly different scheme, to show their elite status and that they have been around for a while!

These are my first attempt, and I'm fairly happy, might add some more bits later (finishing off with flags etc is always the part i miss, but love the old white dwarf look it gives)

So the plans for the remainder of the year (and beyond realistically) are;

Bump my current Blood Angels detachments up to company size (Terminator, Devestator, Assault, Tactical, Bike), Add to the Death company and do some Veteren Assault troops, Furioso dreads etc.
Re-base the old guys (currently on goblin green bases, which looks kind of cool in an old school way, but its a bit boring)

Finish my Dark Angels army (Deathwing, Ravenwing, Battle Company, support units) - mostly base coated, just need detailing.

Finish the Adeptus Titanicus battle group - got 8 Warlord titans, 4 loyalist, 4 Traitor - i've collected all the bits together, just need to decide some paint schemes and crack on.

Orks! - my perpetual back-burner project, still got all the basic clans (aside from Bad Moons, Kult of Speed) to paint, and a boat load of support too.

As well as this i'm still hunting for some bits on eBay and the forums to complete my Ad-mech force...

No worries eh, easy!

Update: The re basing has started! Definite improvement, or waste of time?