Sunday, 23 August 2015

From out of nowhere... A Dark Angels Assault Company appears

Had a flurry of activity this weekend and both started and finished (almost - still need to decide what to do for the HQ) a whole Dark Angels Assault Company, using Troublemaker Games 'Novan Elite Forefront' Minis as proxies.

I decided to proxy the models for a few reasons - 1) availability 2) cost and 3) he verity of poses to break up the monotony.

Pretty happy overall, especially considering the time spent on them.

Rhinos are pretty redundant as I plan on chucking these guys out of Thunderhawks or riding in Razorbacks for the most part, but still, hand to have them in case the military budget doesn't stretch that far!

Next challenge will be to see if I can do the Devastator company with the same ease - although I might start on the support detachments (predators, whirlwinds etc) in the mean time while i wait for my Troublemaker indiegogo pledge to arrive to give me the troops i need.