Saturday, 22 August 2015

Post Holiday inspiration - Epic Land Raiders

I seem to always start posts with apologies of lack of posts, but hey ho!

Apologies for the absence - I've not got a massive amount of new stuff to show for it either, although I have been playing a lot, so guess that's something!

Here's some old school "rogue trader" era pattern Blood Angels land raiders - i'm toying with the idea of having each detachment of the company in a slightly different scheme, to show their elite status and that they have been around for a while!

These are my first attempt, and I'm fairly happy, might add some more bits later (finishing off with flags etc is always the part i miss, but love the old white dwarf look it gives)

So the plans for the remainder of the year (and beyond realistically) are;

Bump my current Blood Angels detachments up to company size (Terminator, Devestator, Assault, Tactical, Bike), Add to the Death company and do some Veteren Assault troops, Furioso dreads etc.
Re-base the old guys (currently on goblin green bases, which looks kind of cool in an old school way, but its a bit boring)

Finish my Dark Angels army (Deathwing, Ravenwing, Battle Company, support units) - mostly base coated, just need detailing.

Finish the Adeptus Titanicus battle group - got 8 Warlord titans, 4 loyalist, 4 Traitor - i've collected all the bits together, just need to decide some paint schemes and crack on.

Orks! - my perpetual back-burner project, still got all the basic clans (aside from Bad Moons, Kult of Speed) to paint, and a boat load of support too.

As well as this i'm still hunting for some bits on eBay and the forums to complete my Ad-mech force...

No worries eh, easy!

Update: The re basing has started! Definite improvement, or waste of time?

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