Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Eldar and Beaches

 A quick couple of snaps to show off the Eldar Warhost in its current painted form I've added;

Warp hunters, a Fire Prism, Dreadnoughts, Jet bikes and Viper jet bikes
on the painting table I've got the rest of my Spirit host, Scouts, Howling banshees, striking scorpions, dire avengers, fire dragons, warlocks, doom weavers and tempests and support weapons... so not much left to do!

I've kind of rush/half-arsed the painting recently and it shows, but its the only way i'll ever get through this pile of stuff and get my spare room back!

Also - completed some terrain pieces; Hills and a modular set of beach tiles

Anyhoo, here's the pics;

Eldar pose for photos as they secure the beach-head of the imperial city of Scarborough IV...

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