Thursday, 30 October 2014

Epic - Overgrown City

Been re-playing 'The Last of Us' recently, which has some beautifully realised post-apocalyptic near-future overgrown city settings, combined with recently seeing this Epic Eldar diorama > and this 10mm Dropzone commander board >
Has inspired me to have a bash at my own overgrown city board.

As usual my ambitions far outstretched both my abilities and my patience, but i think its a decent attempt, and I've left plenty of scope to improve and add more detail further down the line. (also, in the photos the paint is still wet and the water effects haven't set, but i was too impatient to shoot it)

During the process i took so snaps in a project log stylee, showing its initial design, then the addition of the details. I've made the trees removable to make it more gameplay friendly.

Also, there some glossy pics at the end depicting an imperial scout force seconds away from an eldar ambush among the ruins...

1 comment:

  1. Wonderful! Will have to do something similar with my spare ruins!