Saturday, 16 May 2015

Epic - Reavers!

A quick snap of the Reaver Titan Battle group as they currently stand - fully magnetised to take any load out for any mission!

I'm debating adding a few more details, maybe some decals or stripes but I'm pretty happy with them being battle ready now (maybe I'll add these details after they've had a few battles as campaign medals?!)

Next up - Still waiting on my Troublemaker games order of Ad-Mech and IG stuff, so in the mean time i'll maybe finish off some Orks.

I've also got a hankering to start an Iron Warriors Chaos army - as i'm not bothered about daemons, but like the IW's lore and some of their special units sound pretty cool, so watch this space!

And on the subject of Pre-Heresy siege masters... here's some loyalist Imperial Fists basilisks that I knocked up quickly the other day, the fists logos look a bit nonsense up close, but are fine at a distance.