Monday, 25 May 2015

Epic - Troublemaker games proxies

Finally got my hands on some Troublemaker Games models to use as proxies for my Ad-Mech tech priests/sevitors and my Imperial Guard Leviathan command centre.

I think these models are great, and my rust job painting them probably doesn't do them justice.

really looking forward to getting my hands on my 'Wave 4' indiegogo pledges from the last campaign.

In other news i've speed painted a whole bunch of IG in preparation for a 2nd play test of the 'New Points Forumla' for NetEpic Gold.

From the first game it is obvious that the cheapness of IG infantry and tank companies can give you a real horde army, unfortunately at the moment the cost of taking heavy artillery and titans/praetorians is pretty insane, in my last game my opponent had 18 more activations than me, fielding a massive IG force against my small, specialised Blood Angels and Warlord titan, so we will see how it plays with the tables turned!

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