Saturday, 13 June 2015

Waaaaagghhhh!!! - Epic Orks

Once again its been a while since my last update, but rest assured, i've been a busy bee with painting - i'd go as far as to say that i've bitten off more than i can chew (again!)

So, here's some snaps off my Ork horde so far (in honour of painting my Spleen rippas today) - I've not really concentrated on them much, just picking off a few units now and again when i get bored of painting the browns and greys of my IG force! I got a bunch of them painted on eBay a long time ago, and they were portioned up for E40k or Epic Armageddon, so i've spent a bit of time sourcing and painting the additional missing models to make the squads up to SM2/NetEpic spec.

As it stands there is;

Bad Moon Clan
Bad Moon Wierd boy Tower
Bad Moon Stompa mob

Kult of Speed
War track detachment
Scrocha detachment
Spleen rippas

Storm Boyz
Goff Stompas
Goff Dreds

If i'm being self critical i'd say i wasn't paying the orks as much attention to detail as these great sculpts deserve, so hopefully i'll sort that out, and i need to make more banners/flags for them.

I've got an absolute mountain of green skins to paint, but i think i'll prioritise the Goff Clan, Evil Sunz Clan, Fighta Bommas, Flak Wagons and Gargant next!

In other news - i've got a load of imperial flier proxies to paint - so expect some pics of the test models soon.

Also - happy birthday to this blog, its been a fun year of getting back in to the hobby!

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