Sunday, 6 March 2016

Happy New Year!

Oh wait, I'm a wee bitty late there...

Hmm, moving house has put my hobbying and blogging on a bit of a hiatus, but all sorted now and back in the groove, and i now have a dedicated 'man-cave' as well as nice big dining table, that i've made a 6x4 overlay for! Happy days!

I'll start 2016's news with some progress and goals.

1. Started a 35,000 point NetEpic campaign, with game 1 under the belt and god only knows how many to go! link here for those who wish to follow it >

2. Built/painted some desert scenery to go with my new mats, and for the campaign

3. Painted some more IG units to fill some of the gaps i had in my collection

4. Started an Iron Warriors army, as my first dip in to Chaos, i like the fact they aren't too deamony/magical, its more just good honest siege warfare from them. So far i've got a Siege Century painted, and some test models for the rest of the force, but they are pretty quick/simple to do, so will hopefully have 3-5k in no time!

5. Also started playing the X-Wing Miniatures Game from Fantasy Flight - Can't recommend it enough, very simple to learn/play, but with the depth of an ocean in terms of advanced gameplay, the models come nicely pre-painted, but lend them selves well to a bit of sprucing up if you choose.
Its also nice to have a quick game to play, that is still being produced! The novelty of going into a shop to buy new stuff still hasn't worn off!

So in no particular order, here's some snaps!


  1. How did you do the palms???


  2. Hi Mattie,

    I cut wire into 4 equal lengths and twist them together in the middle, leaving one end longer untwisted than the other.
    i then splay out the bottom 4 strands to make a claw shape for the roots and at the other end i fold them over from the frons/branches.
    paint the whole thing brown, let it dry, then PVA the top end branches and dip in a pot of green flock, and repeat this process a couple of times to bulk out the foliage and seal in the layers below.

    If i make some more (planning on some 28mm scale ones soon) then i'll photograph the process to show it a bit better.