Sunday, 14 August 2016

Progress! (Epic, X-wing, and Necromunda)

Yeah, yeah... i know! Its meant to be a blog, and 2 updates in a year do not a blog make.

But in all honesty I've been playing more and painting less, so not completely dropped off the radar hopefully!

Here we go.

Epic - Iron Warriors;

Slowly working my way through a box of minis. Got the big guys (Leviathan, Warhounds) done, all the terminator infantry is painted, but not based, and i've made a start on the artillery.

The X-wing minis are great - and the paint jobs are really nice, but i couldn't resist a wee bit of tinkering, so here is my HWK-290 'Moldy Crow' interpretation


Finally managed to convince some folk to start a small necromunda campaign. 
I've got plenty of 40k stuff to proxy. so i'm going to paint up a fresh gang of Chaos Cultists to use as Cawdor.

The keen eye'd amongst you may have noticed my paint table has had an upgrade.
grabbed some Hemnes furniture from IKEA and it now is almost all hidden away in a nice bureau when not in use, which should save a few arguments in the future :)

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