Wednesday, 26 October 2016

2 posts in a month! Like an unstoppable leviathan!

Not only 2 posts, but 2 completed minis!

I think I've finally found my 'style' for painting, and i'm pretty happy with it - who knows if this will change in time, as the way miniatures are painted definitely follow a fashion of sorts. I'm really enjoying the results of bold base colours, washing, then highlighting with strong edge highlights.
For one, it is pretty damn quick! the mini below had been sitting primed for a week before i found time to start painting. and it was all done and dusted in 1.5hrs, including drying and basing.
For two, i think it looks great on the table, at playing distance - making bold highlights is something i'd neglected in the past, but now i see why people do it. It can look a bit of mess close up, but from 2-3ft away it really 'pops'.

So this little war band i'm building (for no particular purpose) is now about 1/3rd complete. I'm enjoying the narrative too. This chap was a collection of bits in my box last week. The body of the famed Ultramarine Scout, whose name escapes me (edit: Telion). a Tau Pulse carbine and arm, a space marine hand and space marine Sgt. head.

But now!

He's a veteran scout who was abandoned on a Tau controlled planet, he hid for months evading them, and eventually surrendered to them, they learned to respect them, and when the planet was eventually invaded again (by... eh, i don't know, lets say the Imperium?) he took up arms and fought with the Tau, and helped lead them to victory. Only to be eventually captured by the Inquisition and given a choice to serve with them on a witch hunt that needed a good tracker, or face extermination.

Or some such nonsense! (borrowing heavily from dances with wolves of course)

Anyhoo - after these guys are done i'll be moving on to the New Neophyte Genestealer Hybrids, which i thought looked so good i actually bought 'new' models from GW, which i vowed i'd never do again.

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