Saturday, 15 October 2016

Underhive Assasins - 28mm

Once again my painting has taken a back seat in place of playing, which i'm not going to make too many excuses for!

X-Wing has well and truly overtaken epic as our go-to game, probably simply due to the time it takes to play and to teach new people. Considering i only picked up the core set at Christmas last year its fair to say that Fantasy Flight Games have hooked me, and landed me, as there is now only a few models i don't own from the range, and i have doublers/triplets of some of my favourites!

Anyhoo, there is still talk of getting a Necromunda or maybe 40k Kill Team campaign going in the new year, so i'm practising my rather rusty 28mm painting skills with some old models in my collection.

I've also ordered up some of the new Genestealer Cult stuff as they will make a great Necromunda gang and look fantastic... So hopefully i'll blast though them when they get here and will have another update soon!

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