Friday, 2 December 2016

Kill Team Assemble! - Heralds of ruin

In a bid to branch out, our little gaming group is looking at other games to play - ideally without having to invest too much time or money, using stuff we have laying around.

Necromunda is still on the cards for next year, but in the mean time 'Heralds of Ruin' the free, fan made 40k skirmish rule set has piqued our interest.

I've never played much 40k, but have picked up quite a few models along the way, so this is perfect for me. It gives me the chance to spruce up some of the stuff i have sitting in boxes, half-painted and isn't too daunting either.

I reckon i probably have enough models to run 7-8 factions, which is great as i don't need to spend (an additional) penny!

The games run at 200 points, which is generally about 5-20 models. My first foray (as i don't know what i'm doing) will be to take the ever dependable Space Marines, with a bit of each unit type thrown in to see how they work!

It uses a campaign system, so you can build your pool of models over time and i have plenty more guys in storage eager for a new lick of paint and a re-basing!

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