Thursday, 22 December 2016

More HoR! - Normal Service to resume shortly

Cool! i'm very happy to have finally found a 28mm warhammer 40k rule set that ticks all my boxes!

  • Uses my existing collection of minis - I've got lots of half started collections of about half a dozen factions, which just so happens to be the perfect amount for lists between 200-500 points!
  • The rules are pretty simple, and negate all the things i hate about vanilla 40k - Area terrain, no true line of sight, squad wound allocation (OK this still exists, but its rare as most units are single models)
  • Nice fluff/narrative games and a nice looking campaign system to allow for multiple players
  • Small table size, small army size, quick games - playing on 4x4 with lots of cover is cool, and being able to carry your army in a wee box and be done and dusted in under an hour is excellent!
  • fun list building, with what i hear is quite a well balanced force selection.
  • Manageable painting goals!

So i've played 4-5 games now over a couple of nights and i think we now have the rules down to the point where we aren't making too many mistakes and i'm really enjoying it. It has also given me a boot up the backside with getting some models painted up I've had lying around for decades, as well as some insight on what stuff i can safely let go of in the future to free up space.

Looking at what i have now i should be able to field decent forces of Space Marines, Imperial Guard, Assassins, Chaos, Eldar, Tyranids, Genestealer Cult, Rogue Traders and Inquisitors without too much effort and almost no expense!

Also, you may be glad to hear that Epic is coming back - 12,000 Point min-campaign starting in January with Loyalist Marines and Guard against traitors! will update when it kicks off.

Anyhoo, here's whats fresh off the production line;

The Errant Astartes and Armsmen with shotguns for my Rogue Traders.

The Heavy bolter toting Arch-Militant for my Rogue Traders

The Full Rogue Trader Kill-Team

Assassins Kill Team (90 points each before you buy their war gear - could be interesting!)

Rogue Traders vs. Imperial Guard

The explorers are searching for treasure on a long forgotten battlefield - although for a fanatical lost detachment of Guard, left behind when the planet was evacuated, the war is far from over!

Dark Angels vs Word Bearers

A world left barren by the taint of Chaos, an elite Dark Angels team is sent to investigate rumours that a fallen brother is hiding amongst the ruins, and just then the trap is sprung. (Note: Terminators are the ultimate de-friender)

Test colour scheme for my guardsmen - 1 down, 15 to go!

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