Thursday, 29 April 2021

April roundup

 Another month, another photo dump of progress...

Still not had any gaming, but that should hopefully change soon.

I've kept the pile of shame ticking over and finished off some odd hobby jobs - including more contributions to the Life Of Die podcast.

Next month will see my next 'new army' project for this year.... Epic Squats - I let go the small army i acquired a few years ago and used it to fund some fresh unpainted minis.

My vision for these guys will be some kind of Nordic/Pirate theme, black/grey/white/red using some Space Wolf decals where required.

I will have a boat load of plastic infantry and bikes, but not much of the heavier metal praetorians. As such my theming will be more of a mobile/raiding force rather than the traditional dug in/tick like dwarves of lore.

Anyhoo, here's the stuff, More Green Marines, based 40k guys, and some stuff from the Life of Die 'white dwarf' style photo shot for the latest video(s) on Epic list building.

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