Sunday, 27 June 2021

May/June Roundup

 2 months without a post... The weather must be good!

I've actually done a fair bit in this period before just now hitting a wall with my squat force and packing my hobby space away until I'm feeling the urge again.

In the meantime we are cracking on with the Epic Army Lists for the podcast and this is giving me enough of a hobby hit for the moment.

So yeah, the last couple of months I started the Sqauts, and I've painted all of the vehicles I think I'll need for the moment, including quite a few conversions and scratch builds for a bit a variety and to avoid paying scalper prices on eBay!

I've based all the plastic I'll need, including 2 brotherhoods, 2 bike guilds, and a grand battery, but i need to find a bit of a spark to actually paint them now.

To keep myself interested I also did some odd jobs like a Commisar Yarrick for my IG and Fulgrim for my Slaanesh, as well as Chaos Marine company.

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