Monday, 22 September 2014

Terrain, Basing and Imperial Guard


Not painted much since the Phantom Titan, (finished, based photo below)

toying with a test pattern for my Imperial Guard - going with a Tallarn/Modern warfare desert look, think it will contrast well with the bright blues, yellows and greens of the other armies - only issue is they might be too hard to spot on my desert tiles!

Also, been making some terrain for Recycled bits - including Pizza bases, chocolate boxes, ink cartridges, polyfiller and some plastic plants things i picked up from a fake grass seat at a music festival (always on the hunt for bitz!)

Going to finish the big pieces off as an intact(!) research/science campus and the other one will be some sort of civilian space port. I've left enough room to maneuver between the buildings so should make for decent objectives/cover.

As for the craters, i'm pretty chuffed with them - probably about 10 minutes work each (excluding drying/setting time) so will definitely do more!

Friday, 19 September 2014

Epic Eldar Update 3

I'm in too deep!

Accidentally ended up with an absolute tonne of Eldar stuff, so now this portion of the project - which was to provide a small opposing force to fight against my Imperial chaps has now became a full blown craft world, that will probably be on equal points value with everything else combined!

Anyhoo, in light of this i'm going to try and step up the painting a bit, hopefully not at the sacrifice of quality, but who knows.

Completed the Phantom Titan (aside from basing) and a couple of units of aspect warriors, starting with the Swooping Hawks and the Dark Reapers.

Apologies for the lighting in the pictures - might need to invest in a light box or something, as almost all my painting/photography takes place at night.

Next up, jet bikes, lots of jet bikes...

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Epic Eldar Update 2

I've managed to Source a load of old school tanks (Wave Serpents, Doom Weavers, Warp Hunters etc...) from the TacCmd Forums, so that has spurred me on to get the basic units of my Biel-Tan Eldar force finished.

Still no sign of the Phantom titan i 'won' on eBay, and can't find any Revenants for sale, but it should give me a bit more time to sort out the bulk of the army first.

A few pics below of the various units in different states, I'm giving the scouts a little bit of concealment with some mobile ruins/trees (a shrubbery?!) :)

More later...

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Epic Eldar Update 1

The ball is rolling on these guys now...

Falcons done (nearly!)
Guardians nearly done too
Hopefully the Phantom Titan will turn up this week and i can make a start there, then its just a case of picking up the other units when i can.

Also - i may seem to be fickle in switching between projects, but i get bored so quickly i feel i need to work this way, although during this time i've changed my mind on my Imperial Guard colour scheme and i'm going to start again with a more desert-y style soon... well maybe not soon, but soonish!

Monday, 8 September 2014

Epic Scene

Very quick update;

Finished the Marauders and Warhounds to a standard that i'm happy with as i'm now rushing to get on with the Eldar. (My attention span is pretty lo... oh look a bird!)

Also trying to make some blast and smoke markers from 1p/wire/cotton wool/stuffing - needs work i reckon, probably spray paint would be better.

Anyhoo - Here's my White Dwarf Stylee photo showing off the new boys tearing into an Ork convoy making its way though a ruined Imperial City...

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Epic Update

2 Posts in one day you lucky pups! (not been super-productive, just forgot to publish the last one late last week!)

Now that i'm at a happy stage with my core Imperial Fist and Ultramarine armies i thought i'd give them some support options, or even adversaries, lest we not forget how fickle alliances are in the grim-dark future!

Starting small(ish) with a couple of Warhound titans, and some Imperial Navy Marauder bombers.

I'm happy enough with the Scout Titans, the colour scheme is almost exactly (accidentally!) the same as the ones i had as a kid that my brother painted, in reality i was just trying to work with the bizarre blue primer left by the previous owner.

I've base coated the Marauders a rather oppressive/tactical Grey and will add highlights to the wing tips/nose to show sqdn. markings etc and hopefully make them 'pop' a bit.

As a wee bonus I've quickly knocked up a couple of test models my next project.

Biel-Tan Eldar!

In typical fashion i had the notion to do this just days after ebaying off a whole unpainted Eldar Warhost box set (previous owner had glued them to the bases in a way that didn't work for me and it would have taken longer to fix than start again!), but luckily i've got some bits winging their way to me as i type.

For starters i'll have;
2 x Guardian Warhosts w/Falcons
1 x Phantom Titan
2 x Support weapon detachments
some aspect warriors/harlequins/Warlocks

I'd love to get some Revenant Scout Titans and some Warp Hunters or other grav tanks to paint up, but baby steps first!

I choose the Beil-Tan style pattern just for a change and to make sure it contrasted with the Imperial armies i was working on.

Anyhoo, that was more typing than I intended, so... Photos?

Epic Imperial Fists update 3

So, I reckon i'm at about the halfway point (realistically - with my work rate and my distaste for painting yellow!) with the Imperial Fists;

2000 points-ish

Next on the cards for them is a bit of tidying up - HQ unit for the company, insignia on the rhinos,
at least one more infantry detachment or company, a Land Raider company and either a bike detachment or Land Speeders.