Monday, 22 September 2014

Terrain, Basing and Imperial Guard


Not painted much since the Phantom Titan, (finished, based photo below)

toying with a test pattern for my Imperial Guard - going with a Tallarn/Modern warfare desert look, think it will contrast well with the bright blues, yellows and greens of the other armies - only issue is they might be too hard to spot on my desert tiles!

Also, been making some terrain for Recycled bits - including Pizza bases, chocolate boxes, ink cartridges, polyfiller and some plastic plants things i picked up from a fake grass seat at a music festival (always on the hunt for bitz!)

Going to finish the big pieces off as an intact(!) research/science campus and the other one will be some sort of civilian space port. I've left enough room to maneuver between the buildings so should make for decent objectives/cover.

As for the craters, i'm pretty chuffed with them - probably about 10 minutes work each (excluding drying/setting time) so will definitely do more!

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