Friday, 19 September 2014

Epic Eldar Update 3

I'm in too deep!

Accidentally ended up with an absolute tonne of Eldar stuff, so now this portion of the project - which was to provide a small opposing force to fight against my Imperial chaps has now became a full blown craft world, that will probably be on equal points value with everything else combined!

Anyhoo, in light of this i'm going to try and step up the painting a bit, hopefully not at the sacrifice of quality, but who knows.

Completed the Phantom Titan (aside from basing) and a couple of units of aspect warriors, starting with the Swooping Hawks and the Dark Reapers.

Apologies for the lighting in the pictures - might need to invest in a light box or something, as almost all my painting/photography takes place at night.

Next up, jet bikes, lots of jet bikes...

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