Sunday, 7 September 2014

Epic Update

2 Posts in one day you lucky pups! (not been super-productive, just forgot to publish the last one late last week!)

Now that i'm at a happy stage with my core Imperial Fist and Ultramarine armies i thought i'd give them some support options, or even adversaries, lest we not forget how fickle alliances are in the grim-dark future!

Starting small(ish) with a couple of Warhound titans, and some Imperial Navy Marauder bombers.

I'm happy enough with the Scout Titans, the colour scheme is almost exactly (accidentally!) the same as the ones i had as a kid that my brother painted, in reality i was just trying to work with the bizarre blue primer left by the previous owner.

I've base coated the Marauders a rather oppressive/tactical Grey and will add highlights to the wing tips/nose to show sqdn. markings etc and hopefully make them 'pop' a bit.

As a wee bonus I've quickly knocked up a couple of test models my next project.

Biel-Tan Eldar!

In typical fashion i had the notion to do this just days after ebaying off a whole unpainted Eldar Warhost box set (previous owner had glued them to the bases in a way that didn't work for me and it would have taken longer to fix than start again!), but luckily i've got some bits winging their way to me as i type.

For starters i'll have;
2 x Guardian Warhosts w/Falcons
1 x Phantom Titan
2 x Support weapon detachments
some aspect warriors/harlequins/Warlocks

I'd love to get some Revenant Scout Titans and some Warp Hunters or other grav tanks to paint up, but baby steps first!

I choose the Beil-Tan style pattern just for a change and to make sure it contrasted with the Imperial armies i was working on.

Anyhoo, that was more typing than I intended, so... Photos?

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