Friday, 24 April 2015

Epic - Making a start on the Ad-Mech...

I've began stripping/re-painting some of the units I intend on using for my Ad-Mech force.

So first off the block is my Stormblade company, after finishing them off i've got a few touches to do on a detachment of Knight Lancers, and by the time they are finished my shipment from Trouble Maker Games should have arrived!

I've ordered some 'Cybershadow specialists' to form the basis of my Tech-Guard/Skitarii as well as provide servitors/tech priests for Ad-Mech specialist units - They should look the part!

Anyhoo - here's some WIP shots... (Knight is looking a bit like Iron-Man!)

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Protective packaging for meat...

Just a quick snap of my speed painted IG/Tech Guard Heavy Company and the Gorgons that might be used to take their fleshy bodies to the front of the grinder...

A few mistakes and stray splodges of paint on them, but i'm not fussed, just wanted them table ready ASAP, and was following a scheme that one of the detachments painted by another owner had started (and did a much better job than me!) - still not bad for an hours work, and i brought the Gorgons in-line with my desert theme.

Running out of space on my IG shelf!

I'm using fluff as my defence for mixing paint schemes/basing (rather than it simply being laziness and inconsistency :) ) - the bulk of the force is my Desert themed guys painted only by me, and these are my core of Armour, Recon, Artillery and Air units, for the sake of fluff i'm going to say that these guys don't specialise in infantry combat, they have a small assault company for taking buildings etc, but tend to outsource these tasks to other regiments.
They also bring veteran titan hunting ShadowSwords in on secondment from other planets to help when the big walkers show up...

Got some super heavies sitting in detol at the moment - a Stormblade company to be adorned in Machine God Red to support the Ad Mech/Tech Guard heavy troops, and a StormHammer company to be given a coat of grey to take the Demolishers, Hellhounds and griffons of my Urban regiment through the streets... Hopefully i'll get these started this weekend.

Friday, 17 April 2015

New recruits for the endless war... and a wee bonus

Good Afternoon!

I've got a cheeky little Friday off work and instead of spending it outside in the garden, i'm in my spare room, painting!

but i have a good excuse... A massive care package full of old school imperial guard minis arrived at my door, and I can now finally put together some proper infantry companies and support detachments!

I can also start my Tech Guard/Renegades and add some interesting armour to my existing Desert Guard - starting with some Gorgons.

Also - a prize (no prize really) to the first to I.D. the photo at the end... :)

I'll get some more photos up once I've got some finished stuff to show...

Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Epic - Urban IG and More Eldar Tempests


All quiet at the moment - finally got round to starting my Urban IG force - going to keep it quite simple, with these three support detachments (Hellhounds, LR Demolishers and Griffons), a heavy weapons infantry company and maybe a couple of super heavies.

Also, forgot I had a game coming up where i planned on taking the Eldar out, so rushing to paint up another squad of Tempests to make a Host, so will hopefully finish them this weekend.

I have a few exciting eBay finds on their way to me now, so put it this way - i've got a lot of painting ahead!

Toying with the Idea of an Ad-Mech/Tech Guard force (lots of red!) or a Chaos renegade force, with a mix of marines, Cultists, beastmen, orks and eldar pirates, proper rogue trader stuff!

We shall see...

Also - forgot to post progress on my Orks, so far I've painted a Bad Moon clan, Weird boy tower, Kult of speed, Scorchas, Stormboyz, and 2 Stompa groups - so not long until i have a field-able force!

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Checking in and Zombies

I'm still alive!

Apologies for the lack of updates this month - suffice to say I've been busy, but still managed to get some games of Netepic in and do a little painting. (Will get some photos up of the progress next bit of daylight I get!)

Also - just received the rather weighty box from Coolminiornot's recent zombicide season 3 kickstarter. Crazy amount of stuff, and to be honest S3 and the expansions new features don't really do it for me, they just seem to get in the way of quite a slick system. As such I reckon I'll keep all the new characters, weapons and some of the add-ons and punt the rest on eBay! (It takes up a hell of a lot of shelf space to not use it)

Thought I'd maybe start painting some of the zombies for a wee change of scale - for plastic gaming pieces they have great detail and after a bit of scrubbing (to remove the release agent residue) they paint up really easily and look great. Not sure I've got the patience to paint them all however, must have close to 200 of them!