Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Epic - Urban IG and More Eldar Tempests


All quiet at the moment - finally got round to starting my Urban IG force - going to keep it quite simple, with these three support detachments (Hellhounds, LR Demolishers and Griffons), a heavy weapons infantry company and maybe a couple of super heavies.

Also, forgot I had a game coming up where i planned on taking the Eldar out, so rushing to paint up another squad of Tempests to make a Host, so will hopefully finish them this weekend.

I have a few exciting eBay finds on their way to me now, so put it this way - i've got a lot of painting ahead!

Toying with the Idea of an Ad-Mech/Tech Guard force (lots of red!) or a Chaos renegade force, with a mix of marines, Cultists, beastmen, orks and eldar pirates, proper rogue trader stuff!

We shall see...

Also - forgot to post progress on my Orks, so far I've painted a Bad Moon clan, Weird boy tower, Kult of speed, Scorchas, Stormboyz, and 2 Stompa groups - so not long until i have a field-able force!

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