Saturday, 18 April 2015

Protective packaging for meat...

Just a quick snap of my speed painted IG/Tech Guard Heavy Company and the Gorgons that might be used to take their fleshy bodies to the front of the grinder...

A few mistakes and stray splodges of paint on them, but i'm not fussed, just wanted them table ready ASAP, and was following a scheme that one of the detachments painted by another owner had started (and did a much better job than me!) - still not bad for an hours work, and i brought the Gorgons in-line with my desert theme.

Running out of space on my IG shelf!

I'm using fluff as my defence for mixing paint schemes/basing (rather than it simply being laziness and inconsistency :) ) - the bulk of the force is my Desert themed guys painted only by me, and these are my core of Armour, Recon, Artillery and Air units, for the sake of fluff i'm going to say that these guys don't specialise in infantry combat, they have a small assault company for taking buildings etc, but tend to outsource these tasks to other regiments.
They also bring veteran titan hunting ShadowSwords in on secondment from other planets to help when the big walkers show up...

Got some super heavies sitting in detol at the moment - a Stormblade company to be adorned in Machine God Red to support the Ad Mech/Tech Guard heavy troops, and a StormHammer company to be given a coat of grey to take the Demolishers, Hellhounds and griffons of my Urban regiment through the streets... Hopefully i'll get these started this weekend.

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