Friday, 17 April 2015

New recruits for the endless war... and a wee bonus

Good Afternoon!

I've got a cheeky little Friday off work and instead of spending it outside in the garden, i'm in my spare room, painting!

but i have a good excuse... A massive care package full of old school imperial guard minis arrived at my door, and I can now finally put together some proper infantry companies and support detachments!

I can also start my Tech Guard/Renegades and add some interesting armour to my existing Desert Guard - starting with some Gorgons.

Also - a prize (no prize really) to the first to I.D. the photo at the end... :)

I'll get some more photos up once I've got some finished stuff to show...

Have a good weekend!


  1. Replies
    1. I'm very jealous. I've wanted a psy titan and a custodian for my titan legion for a couple of decades but never managed to get hold of the bits.

      I hope you make good use of it!

  2. Correct!
    Unfortunately I've traded it away already - I think its a pretty ugly looking thing (although i'm considering kit bashing one out of some cool looking bits in my bits box, as i do like the idea of the Psi-Titan) couldn't justify it sitting there while folk were biting my had off to buy it.