Sunday, 29 June 2014

Epic Imperial Fists Update 1

Not much to say - sliced my finger up in the garden trying to get it ready for the BBQ season, so took my rage out on ole' Yella aka the Sons of Dorn.

got a load done despite having to do multiple coats per unit (I hate painting yellow - the black undercoat was a bad move!)

nothing quite finished yet, but as a bonus i found another 2 Terminator models on an old sprue, so was able to bump the unit count up to 3 per stand, which looks a bit more intimidating!

Also - started reading the netEpic rules and was pretty impressed. I'd always assumed they were based on the Epic:40,000 or Armageddon rules, rather then SM2/Titan Legions, but was pleasantly surprised to find out otherwise!

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