Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Brainstorming - Rogue Trader, Hive Gangs, etc...

Having been inspired by the work of the guys on the Oldhammer forums putting together gangs for thier RT, Sensai, Necromunda and Gorkmorka games i've begun rummaging through my bits box...

This notion has also been inspired by watching Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Wars, Firefly etc, and reading some of the earlier RT era 40k fluff, and the idea of rag-tag misfit gangs of different races/backgrounds fighting and working together on the frontier appeals to me in a big way.

I don't want to spend any/much money on this project, and i shouldn't need to as I've got enough interesting 'bitz' to choke a rancor. 

So i'm thinking;

The weary warrior - an old space marine, in mismatched power armour that has seen some action, now a gun for hire, currently this fella is fully magnetised, so the options are endless!

The Muscle, a feral Ogre/Ogryn - found this guy in the box and reckon with a bit of work (more than me just sticking an Ork gun on him as present!) he could look pretty cool.

The fast one - a female Eldar pirate - got a few bodies/heads lying around as well as some nice eldar/dark eldar and wood elf accessories i could bodge.

The marksman - i think i'll replace the Catachan fella with either a squat, ratling or another race just to mix it up a bit (would love to do a Skaven conversion if only i had any to hand!)

The Scoundrel - Ork Kaptain, will probably keep him with the rest of his RT Ork cohorts for an enemy/ally force for the gang, i reckon he'll be replaced by a human, possibly guardsman conversion to form my Han Solo style swash buckler.... Maybe!

The idea then would be to use them in games of Necromunda, or in a custom PvP and Co-Op rule set i'm working on.

In terms of adversaries i've got;

An RT Ork gang of 10 or so (mentioned above)
More Imperial forces than i care to mention...
A bucket full of Genestealers, and small Tyranids 
The Orlock/Goliath gangs from the Necromunda box set
Chaos Cultists from the DV box

So there should be plenty of scope for some interesting scenarios out in the ash wastes, hive cities and alien worlds...

As a bonus this type of narrative driven game appeals to the missus (in a way that 40k/Epic etc doesn't!) so I've instantly got someone in the house to play with, hurrah! 

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