Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Baneblade and more!

'twas the night before Christmas...

Completed a nice trade where by i got rid of some Epic Armageddon Orks which i'd probably never use and got some Imperial Armour and Thunderbolts.

As my Eldar force is in sight of the finishing line (just a couple of Tempests and Dire Avengers to do) I thought i should make a (re)start on my Imperial guard army.

I did a test pattern a few months ago after changing my mind about the original 'Olive Drab' i had started painting, and i much prefer it.

I've always been a fan of desert camouflage patterns and it reminds me of WW2 Africa, and modern day Middle East conflicts. It should also contrast well with the Green/White Eldar, Blue Ultramarines, Yellow Imperial Fists, Red Blood Angels and White/Blue World Eaters...

Anyhoo, here's what's on the bench;


  1. Your level of detail is amazing. That super heavy tank (baneblade?) looks just great -- both gritty and with some nice bright highlights.
    Incidentally, your photos are really well lit - what kind of lighting do you use?

  2. Cheers, i'm improving with my detailing, when i started this blog 6 months ago it was the first time i'd picked up a brush in 10 years, so the first few armies have been a bit ugly - hoping to be able to spend some time on this Imperial Guard one!

    Lighting is a bit of an issue, i tend to do most of my work at night and all i have is a ceiling light and lamp, both on energy-saving bulbs, so the room is always dull.
    I've started taking close-ups directly under the small lamp, but it does give a weird yellow hue, which i could probably correct if i had the time.

    I think i'll invest in a small light box and/or hobby lamp in the new year.