Friday, 26 December 2014

Ace McCool

"The guns fell silent across the galaxy as the ancient tradition of Christmas was observed. 
On a distant world Eldar and Imperial troops crossed the radiated no-mans land to exchange gifts; Gemstones, Wraithbone flutes, Whisky and Holo-video porno...
They played friendly games of blood-bowl and shared stories of their homeworlds...

That was yesterday.

Today, at dawn crack Imperial pilot Ace McCool burns through the early morning mist leaving in his wake only a vapour trail and a string of paternity suits stretching from Nercomunda to Armageddon. 
He has been attached to the 93rd Sand Rats Airwing as he leads fighters and bombers in his Thunderbolt on a suicidal raid of the Eldar encampment to catch them unprepared."

AKA - I Painted some thunderbolts on Boxing Day.

Edit: requested close up added.


  1. I always envisioned Eldar as exchanging mascara applicators on Xmas...
    Anyway,your scenic shot looks fantastic. I'd love to see some close-ups of those Thunderbolts.

  2. Thanks, only problem with close ups is that it shows all the imperfections i'll never get round to correcting!
    but hopefully no one will see them with the naked eye.