Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Epic - Eldar Reinforcements

The Web-way has opened up, and reinforcements are pouring through to bolster my Biel-Tan forces...

Having penciled in my first game of NetEpic in the new year it is high time that i complete my half-finished Biel-Tan army.

So tonight i've based up the units needed to complete my Spirit Host and my Wind Rider Host, with some support from weapons platforms, aspect warriors, scouts and a Warlock Titan.

I'm also very excited to have finally sources some Revenant Titans! and a detachment of Tempests. this should push my options up to about 6k worth of space elves in old (SM2) money.

I reckon a FireStorm, Avatar and some Nightwings would give me back something close to the old army i used to field against my brother all those years ago!

1 comment:

  1. Hi it's dave who traded you the revenants here. Great to see them going to a happy home and hitting the table so quickly!