Saturday, 24 January 2015

Angels of Death - Epic Blood Angels update

Some daylight pictures of my new 'practical' space marine force
As mentioned previously i'm trying to keep these guys simple, as gaming pieces rather than making them overly detailed, fragile display pieces.

I want to be able to churn out new units quickly and get them play tested, in saying that - a little bit of shading and highlighting doesn't take too long!


Here's my Death Company - under NetEpic rules a Blood Angels codex army must include a Death Company, it is made up of one command Death Company Chaplain stand, and each detachment of infantry must sacrifice one stand to add to the DC, as such I've painted up 4 stands of DC marines, and may need to add more later if i build up any more standard infantry units.

Also, i've given them their own snazzy Thunderbrick... eh i mean Thunderhawk.
I'm hatching some devious plans for putting some ferocious close combat troops behind enemy lines and causing some disruption (all good ideas until i start rolling 1s and 2s!)

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