Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Tanks! (Epic Imperial Guard Update)

I got hold of some armour for my desert themed IG army,

I've now got a full Artillery Company and Leman Russ Company, so adding this to the Shadow Sword and Assault troop coy and various support units it gives me a pretty sizable force for something i've just been picking away at when i see something i fancy!

was going to start a heavy infantry company using some proxies i have, but i've just heard that Onslaught/Troublemaker games are going to crowd fund a whole line of desert/'not-Tallarn ;)' IG proxies soon, so may just hold off until then, as the concept renders looks pretty good so far!

Anyhoo, not sure what year these models are from, or if they are even official GW sculpts, but i like them - was never a fan of the SM2/TL era basilisks, especially the ones with the barrel pointing straight forward.

Here's a sneak preview, obviously paint is still wet and details remain to be added tomorrow.

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  1. Cool beans, love the stowage, I am rubbish at making straps for my stowage even at large scales. I am glad to hear about the new not-IG.