Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Epic New Year

Happy New year folks!

Not much painting being done in the last week or so due to holidays/man-flu, but been acquiring all the loose ends for my various forces and planning ahead for my first game of NetEpic next week.

knocked up a little bit of terrain/objective marker today when bored and rummaging through the bitz box and various scraps I've saved from the bin (in this case a blister pack bit of plastic and some landspeeder typhon bits)

Started some Eldar terrain and some other small things like supply depots etc too.

The Imperial Guard force is coming together nicely - I've got 90% of what i wanted, so just need to knuckle down and get them painted - so expect to see them as soon as they dry!


  1. Cool bunker. I recognize the LS Typhoon launcher, but what's the thing on the roof to the left of it?

  2. its the exhaust port from the same launcher, and the antenna is form the base/flag pole sprue.