Friday, 26 January 2018

Epic - Campaign Game 2

Game 2 - 3475pts Eldar vs 3000pts Imperial Guard



Falcon Host
Jetbike Host
Spirit Host

Revenant Scout Titans
Phantom Titan (D-Canon, Pulsar, Las Wing, Missile Launcher)

Striking Scorpions
Fire Dragons
Swooping Hawks
Shining Spears
Doom Weavers


Imperial Guard

Assault Company (w/2x Chimedon detachments - proxied as Leman Russ)
Shadowsword Company
Predator Company




The objectives are placed roughly along the centre of the battlefield, forcing both sides to push forward to take them.

The Eldar Concentrate the bulk of their army on the left and right flanks, with a fast moving force of bikes and a scout titan in the middle to react quickly and reinforce whichever side under most threat.

The Imperial Guard place their heavy hitting armour to the left of centre and their faster moving infantry and fliers, supported by a Leviathan command centre on the right.

Turn 1

Eldar forces push hard on the left flank, charging forward with the relative safety of the intervening cover. The Imperial armoured wrecking ball slowly makes it way forward but finds few targets after the initial movement.

The faster predator tanks crest the hill and take the objective in the open, but again find few targets. The Eldar scouts at the edge of the forest call on the spot targets for the Doom-weaver artillery. Deadly mono-filament webs from descend on the tank company but fail to cause any damage.

Out of frame the 2nd scout titan pushes into the middle to snatch the objective from the predators. confident that its speed and agility will save it from the inevitable hail of fire still to come.

Imperial Guard Assault troops push into the park forest and prepare to breach and clear the buildings in their deployment zone. This action is met with Eldar jetbikes and Shining Spears swooping down on them to engage in close combat.

Fire Dragons deploy on the objective building on the right and are left just of of range for the armour in the streets below.

The Phanton Titan is drawn out engage the predator company in the open, but its massive weapons fail to do any real damage.

As it moves the roar of jet engines can be heard above as the Marauder fighter-bombers unleash their full salvo on the Titan. One missile breaches the holo-field and impacts on the wing-mounted weapon, causing maximum damage, causing a flashback that blows the head off of the towering machine! it crashes to the ground and the normally stoic eldar drop their jaws in shock.

In a bid for vengeance the Vyper jetbikes push their machines to the limts in a desperate attempt to shoot down the fast moving jets, but to no avail.

The Bikes and Assault infantry trade casualties in close combat.

Eldar 25
IG 16

Turn 2

At the start of turn 2 the Imperial guard forces concentrate all fire on the Eldar scout titans that are weaving in amongst their lines. they manage to blow the pulse laser from one of them, but the retaliation from the titans is weak and they fail to do much damage, however their role as a distraction is vital.

More webs fall around the predators and again, no casualties are inflicted.
The Spirit host continue to advance on the left, but are out of sight of the action and can't find their mark at this range.

The battle in skies continues with the enraged vypers managing to take out 2 of the marauders in exchange for 2 of their bikes, before the surviving jet pulls back to start another strafing run.

The Imperial Assault troops seek cover in the buildings surrounding the park and try to hold the two objectives inside. Eldar striking scorpions are delivered at the rear out of sight and try to cut their way through to the top.

The jetbikes and Shining Spears engage the remaining tanks in the open.

Swooping Hawks deep-strike in to ensure the central objective is secured, one unit misses its mark and horrifically ensnared on deadly filament that litters the battlefield. 

The close combat is bloody and the imperial armour is no match of the speed and ferocity of the Eldar bikes. The assault troops put up a valiant effort against the elite Striking Scorpions, but is in vain as the objective is snatched from the outside.

Eldar 52
IG 13

Post Game

Final Casualties were relatively light on both sides, however the Maruaders for the IG and Phantom for the Eldar could prove too costly to replace.

The next battle will be crucial. It could be the Imperial Guard's last chance to close the gap in Renown. An imperial victory next time will allow both forces to field 3500 points, with an Eldar victory meaning a potential 1000pt advantage.


  1. Immersive and wonderful terrain!

  2. Cracking battle report!

    It's great to see Epic getting played, especially with such nicely painted figures and great terrain!

    It's going to be interesting to see how the campaign develops!