Monday, 29 January 2018

Epic - On the Paint Table 29/01/18

Just a quick update with what I've started painting today - hopefully should have it all finished by the end of the week unless something like pesky work gets in the way!

Blood Angels Scouts - I've sold all of my official scout minis, and always hated the scale difference on them anyway, so knocked together all the 'Sergeant' models i could muster (which was the exact number i needed!) and used DRM's 'Scout' models to represent the sniper rifle/camo cloak elements of these guys. got a full companies worth based and base coated in a sandy colour which i'll add red armour details to.

Blood Angels Bikes - Based and base coated 10 stands of bikes and a company HQ which i can add to my existing detachment to bring it up to company size.

Blood Angels Rhinos - Base coated for the devastator company completed last week.

Imperial Guard Medusas - was about to stick my left over (and hated) 2ns edition basilisk models up on eBay when it struck me. If you chop the barrel down and take of the top scope thing then they make for pretty good medusa proxies... So i did.

Brain Crushas and Wave Serpents - clearing down to the bottom of an un painted lead pile and got to these guys, just primed/base coated at the mo.

Imperial Guard Assault Company - Painting another on of these, on square bases this time to fit with the rest of my IG forces. Plus it meant i could finally separate out my excess IG infantry and get rid of them. Going for a traditional grey uniform here, will highlight with a lighter grey, add face, weapon and squad colour details and call it done with them!


  1. Medusas look great. I want to do the same thing for Griffons. Not sure what I'm going to do for Medusae then. :P

  2. Cheers - yeah i'm glad i finally found a use for these models. I always hated them as artillery because of the flat barrel trajectory. I think either cutting down the barrel on the other SM2 basilisk model, or chopping up a bombard and mounting it on the basilisk/hydra/manticore carriage could work well for a Griffon?